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Housing shortage is an issue near and dear to many’s heart in San Francisco. (BHP) has been educating and advocating both tenants and property owners to strike a balance in their day-to-day relationships. BHP has helped resolved hundreds of disputes and avoided unnecessary lawsuits and evictions.  BHP also advocates for changes to the City’s regulations that would be beneficial to both the earnest landlords and good tenants, including ways to incentivize the additions of housing stocks within the envelope of existing housing,  and encourage cooperation between property owners and tenants in assistance of homeownership opportunities, in order to combat sky-high rents and promotes stable and thriving communities.

In the past year, BHP has hold dozens of education meetings and social events for property owners and tenants. BHP has conducted seminars for property owners on the latest laws and regulations, renter communication, and property management – to make sure that the landlords are trained to be the best  housing providers.  BHP has also hosted many gatherings for renters on dispute resolution, landlord communication, first-time homeownership and affordable housing opportunities, rent-to-own, owner-carry and other creative ways on achieving long-term stability in rooting in San Francisco.  BHP has also thrown “down-payment assistance” fundraisers to help tenant members towards home purchasing.

About Launches Effort to Open Dialogue,
Effect Positive Change to San Francisco Housing Laws

San Francisco, CA – May 17, 2014 more than 300 small property owners and tenants took to the streets to march for justice; justice for members of all sides of the housing law debate that so often divides San Francisco. The march terminated in a rally at City Hall, symbolizing the need to educate our elected leaders about both sides of this important issue. It’s no secret that rental prices in San Francisco are sky high. Rental demand is huge, but rental housing stock keeps dwindling. It’s time to get everyone involved – on all sides – to come up with real solutions.

The organizers of are San Francisco residents have come together to engage the public, the media and our elected representatives to enact real change to the City’s housing laws – change that is fair and just for all parties affected. wants to enact policies that alleviate the difficulties for existing property owners, and encourage small property owners, Mom & Pop owners and single family homeowners to return or enter in the rental housing market,” said Ford Chiang, Co-Founder of “Better housing policies lead to higher occupancy, which is better for everyone involved, tenants and small property owners alike.”

Although there are approximately 170,000 rent controlled units available in the City to accommodate the 388,000 and growing number of residents, fewer and fewer of the 280,000 property owners – especially small property owners – are willing to rent out their units or part of their homes. Current residents looking for more suitable places to live within the City, or the remaining 152,000 newcomers and new immigrants, are finding it harder to live in San Francisco.


“We have to stop thinking of the City’s housing problems as a tenant v. owner problem – we are all in this together,” said Josephine Zhao, Co-Founder of “While we ask all property owners to follow the Code of Conduct, we are also interested in engaging the public and the elected official in finding solutions. Let’s start some honest dialogue with the goal of bringing tenants and small property owners together to create real change.”

To that end, will be conducting direct outreach to residents to listen to their concerns, come up with a fair and equitable action plan, and engage elected officials. Organizers plan to engage both sides of this issue, and will begin work immediately throughout San Francisco.

“As tenants, we need to be respectful of the housemates in our shared space but also be proactive in the communications with our landlords. Do not let small issues unresolved and grow out of proportion, while remember to assume the best intention and give others the benefit of doubt when we encounter day-to-day problems.” said Chong Guo, Head of Tenants at “We should also get educated in the benefits of homeownership and find creative ways to achieve our American Dreams.”

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